Update – Facebook Questions

Every week, we ask members of our Facebook group questions relevant to business and the wedding/events industry.

This week we asked:  In the wedding business there are so many places to advertise. What paid advertising outlets have you seen actual success with? If you don’t want to name names, you can give us a general idea.

In case you missed it, here are some of the answers:

Tonia Arsenault Adleta Wedding wire, hands down.

Kelly Hunt Local trade shows and local phone books. The area I live in is still very old school. :)

B Wilson Mua I actually dropped all my other advertising once I starting using Google. I get tons more traffic to my site I am very happy with the result.

Necoh Brewington-Mitchell The Knot

Christy Toney The Knot is a must… Depending on the time of year, you will get tons of views and inquiries here. Wed Alert and GetMarried I will say helped my Google rankings, but direct traffic from those sites, nope.

Deirdre Ryanphotography So far I have non(my marketing funds are none at the moment) BUT I am interested in knowing what’s the best out there…. i guess i need to find some good cameras for youtube.

Christy Toney I must point out the power of a blog… I would say if mktg funds are low, create a blog and nurture it like you would a delicate plant. Make sure you title your posts with well searched tags for your topic and they become little calling cards that come up in searches month after month, year after year… Your site will come up in both web and image searches. Exceptional content is the least expensive marketing plan you can implement.

Ruthie Turner I’ve done a few bridal shows, no returns. Did some advertising with Get Married – no returns. Just started advertising with WeddingWire in August, we’ll see how that goes. This is an area where I’m struggling myself.

Sandy Podborny You’re welcome Ruthie Turner. And Christy is right (Hi Christy Toney! Don’t worry about numbers…just put up some interesting, relevant information consistently and they will come. And sticking in a little blurb every once in awhile about you, maybe what your are actually doing as a person trying to run a business, or your life around the business, whatever, can make for interesting reading.

What do you think is the most successful advertising channel for you?  

Let us know below or in our Facebook group! 


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Friday, March 30, 2012

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    Make your way to the Main Ballroom for Opening Remarks from EPIC Founders Karina Alvela and Marni Gold and a morning of General Sessions. Trade show will be open until 2pm.

  • 8:30- 9:30 am Mobile/Social Media for Event Business– Sonny Ganguly (click  links for class description)
  • 9:30-10:00 am How to Book 6-Figure Clients – Donnie Brown
  • 10:00 – 11:00 am Event Trends for 2012 Panel DiscussionBernadette Coveney Smith, Donnie Brown, Sharon Naylor Torris, Molly Tully, Ari Starkman, Chris Easter, Anne Chertoff
  • 11:00 – 12:30 pm Become an Expert in your Specialty and Explode your Business – Neil van Niekerk, Bernadette Coveney Smith, Katie Carrier, Jen Rosenbaum

Lunch will be served from 12:30 to 2pm. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch provided by The Elan and some surprises as well.

  • 1:00-2:00 (during lunch) Get Seen, Get Noticed! Media and PR Panel – Molly Tully, Jenelle Hamilton, Karina Alvela, Anne Chertoff, Alan Berg,  Sharon Naylor Torris

Now you can make your way to your pre-selected Workshops! Most are included in your EPIC tuition. A few workshops are valuable extras. Please contact info@theepicgrp.com to sign up for any with a ($).

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  • 3:00- 4: 00 pm Boudoir Photography  3:00-4:00 Jennifer Rozenbaum (Isabella Room)
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Using Social and Traditional Networking to Grow Your Event Business – Liz King, Karina Alvela, Marni Gold, Erik Kent, Chris Easter, Stephanie & Jeff Padovani (Allessandra Room)

Just An Updates

During The EPIC Summit, you’ll discover all our special guests’ biggest secrets on how to ramp up to a successful and thriving business, having clients find you and wanting to work with YOU only and getting to a place where the press and media find and want to interview you.

This event is not a big pitch-fest disguised as content.  You will receive ACTION FILLED ITEMS to take home and apply to your business IMMEDIATELY.  We feel strongly about giving you NO FLUFF, no “Well, if you want to learn more, you must purchase my DVD/coaching program/book” – none of that. rival-kingdoms-update

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The EPIC Summit Class Descriptions

How To Book Luxury Clients
Many wedding and event business owners desire to work with high end clientele.  How do you actually get yourself into that strata of the market?  Where do these clients look for their vendors? How do you effectively reach them? What are the pitfalls you should be aware of?  Our panel of pros produce high-end luxury weddings and know a thing or two about social event branding.

Get Noticed. Get Press.
Want to capture an editor’s attention?  Join our panel of  media experts who will give solid information on how to get your products and/or services featured in major magazines and online press.  This panel of insiders will tell you exactly what editors are looking for, best approach HOW and WHEN to contact them, and exactly what you should submit. They will talk to individual students in this class and help them create a plan of action to GET PUBLISHED!

Mobile Marketing & Social Media

91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.  There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are TVs. Learn why mobile is going to be bigger than radio, TV, and the personal computer – combined. Create a mobile marketing & social media strategy your wedding and event business and get hired by tech savvy brides & clients.  http://Ahrefs.com

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Your tuition to The EPIC Summit is an investment in the future of your business. Tuition includes a day of education you can truly find nowhere else. You will leave EPIC with actionable ideas to improve your event business and your life! Your in-person tuition also includes: A fabulous and fun welcome party the evening before the summit, lavish breakfast, plated sit down lunch, gala cocktail reception, as well as many surprises throughout the event. To Register, click one of the buttons below. If you have a discount code, please enter it by clicking DISCOUNT CODE.



The In-Person Experience PLUS . . .

Hotel Stay One night, on 3/29/12
Welcome Soiree & Mini Headshot SessionGet Intimate!
PR Coaching Call w/ Neptune Communications
Social Media Management One month, a $150 value


  • Education: Keynote presentation, all breakout classes and invaluable networking with business and Event celebrities and notables.
  • All Meals: Breakfast, Plated Lunch, Gala Cocktail Dinner Reception w/ Open Bar PLUS surprise gourmet treats throughout the day.
  • Fabulous Decor: Plus, a chance to win some amazing prizes, and lots of high end gifts for in-person attendees only.
  • Playback: All educational classes and keynote will be provided in Playback format, so no need to take notes during this amazing day!
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Whose Talking Part 1

Every week, we ask members of our Facebook group questions relevant to business and the wedding/events industry.

This week we asked:  What do you think were the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learned since starting your business? 

In case you missed it, here are some of the answers:

Michelle Ifill ‎1. Know knowledge about your business and area you are working in 2. stay professional 3. always have great customer service

Andrea Parkins ‎1. Value your time and make others value it too. 2. Do not expect much from those who know you the best. 3. Referrals and good customer service are key.

Rob TheDeejay Bass Not to crawl under my table and stay there when I make a mistake and I am embarrassed and really ready to shoot myself in the face. I also listen to mmpodcast on a daily.

MarriedbyErica Nash Since starting my business, I’ve learned the following- 1.) Not everyone will like you or want you and that’s ok. They still will referral you if you are likeable enough! 2.) My value in myself is worth all the clients in the world. It’s ok to say no. 3.) If you’re not having fun and doing what you love, walk away.

Carmine Matlock So many lessons learned, it’s hard to bring it down to 3. So I will try.lol
#1. If you are as talented as you are, your appearance and presentation should match.
#2. Learn how to adapt to many different situations and keep your cool when stuff isn’t going right.
#3. Invest in backup equipment

Karina Alvela ‎1) Be careful & don’t trust many. 2) Get everything in writing. 3) Outsource what you aren’t an expert in, like our friends Dapper beard who we outsource to for best beard trimmer

Marni Gold ‎1. never stop learning. 2. delegate and outsource, it will save your sanity. 3. Know what you are good at.

Kelly Hunt ‎1. Stay true to yourself or people will know you are fake. 2. It is OK to answer questions with “I don’t know, let me get back to you” and then follow up with the right answer. 3. Smile even if you don’t feel like it, it will make your day and everyone else’s day better.

Dorinda Duclos How important it is to keep learning. Never believe you have all the answers. It’s not as easy as you think it is.

Patricia Lorusso Warrington Patience

Tony Giresi To repeat myself 100 times because clients dont seem to understand it the first time lol

Sarah Salcedo Patience, perseverance and determination.

Damon Dietz ‎1. It’s not what you know… It’s who you know.
2. Focus on your strengths, hire and delegate for tasks that are not your strengths.
3. You will only get out of your business as much as you put in it.

Inku Yo Be nice, but also be firm. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Value your time and your knowledge. Don’t do something for the sake of just doing something – it must help move your business forward. Plant seeds wherever you go. Meet lots of people because you never know who you’re eating lunch next to. Never assume how much a client can or can’t afford.

Yvette Sencion ‎1- Everything must be in writing 2- Mistakes are learning experiences 3- Time is the most precious gift and it must be used wisely

Dharmi Shah Hmmm 3. I’ve learned sooo much about business, relationships, and trust…1. Everything should be contracted and signed 2. Dont let others bring you down, because they will try and 3. Becareful who you trust with what is important to you in your business.

Rachael Harrison Lukas I have learned 1. how to be more assertive and believe in myself, 2. that mistakes will happen and should so that you can learn and grow and 3. more organizing and time management skills knowing how important meeting a dead lines is and being prepared for appointments.

Why call it “the epic summit”?

For some time now, the wedding and event industry has been changing.  Years ago, the special event industry followed a strict model: Vendors advertised, paid referral fees, and got clients.  This of course still happens today but now, with the advent of social media, the internet, television etc., information is so much more readily available to consumers in general and specifically to Brides planning their weddings or those planning a party, whether it be social or corporate in nature.

How does this affect the vendors?  How do those who provide services to these savvy consumers stay ahead of the curve?

Think if it like you are on a hike. Not just any hike but the hike of your life! You are climbing Mount Business and you have to make it to the top to really succeed, right?


So, what happened to it being ‘all about the climb’?  Isn’t it the journey that is the important thing?  Sure the journey is important but if you don’t get anywhere, your business is stagnant and eventually will lose money or slide back down that hill.

Who do you want to be?  A clinger? A Climber? Or the person who makes it to the top?

More in part 2!

In the meantime, be sure to purchase your tickets for The EPIC Summit! We’ve extended the current discount untill October 30th.  Attend the In-person experience for just $350 (regular price $500) or the online experience for just $225 (regular price $350)!!

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Welcome event and wedding professionals! We are so very excited to present to you The EPIC Summit, a completely unique corporate and social event industry summit for those who hunger for actionable business education and networking NOT found at any other conference.

We will be sharing industry news, EPIC partnerships, faculty members stories, attendee profiles, and much more on this blog. Stay tuned for information on tuition, scholarship opportunities, The EPIC Awards, and more.

It’s going to be EPIC!

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