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During The EPIC Summit, you’ll discover all our special guests’ biggest secrets on how to ramp up to a successful and thriving business, having clients find you and wanting to work with YOU only and getting to a place where the press and media find and want to interview you.

This event is not a big pitch-fest disguised as content.  You will receive ACTION FILLED ITEMS to take home and apply to your business IMMEDIATELY.  We feel strongly about giving you NO FLUFF, no “Well, if you want to learn more, you must purchase my DVD/coaching program/book” – none of that. rival-kingdoms-update

AGAIN — There will be 100% real, actionable content. No fluff.

Your tuition in The EPIC Summit will provide you with the right education and action steps to guide you on the path to success.

The EPIC Summit is THE place to network, look for business opportunities, collaborators, find important resources, learn how to effectively grow your client base and gain strategies on how to find & close clients using PR, social media, marketing and other publicity tools.

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